2008 —

Janet Hansen voted "Yachtsperson of the Year"


2009 —

Brenda Murzyn, "Yachtsman of the Year"



Scott Stevenson of Westrec announced that the channel will be dredged in the spring unless the lake rises unexpectedly. There are plans in the future for a suite of about four washrooms each consisting of commode, basin, and shower, one of which would be wheelchair accessible, and a Harbor Master office upon a 22 by 40 foot barge in east-most slip, the first north slip of B dock. There are also plans for an E dock with a long ramp before the slips begin at the south end of the harbor, eliminating the star dock. The Bridge met with Scott in January regarding safety, fishermen, underwater obstruction removal, the floating bathrooms, and much more. The meeting was fruitful and encouraging.


Paul Thompson III on Mise en Place won a 5th in the Cruising Section on his 2nd Mac! Thompson earned a place on the podium.

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2014...JPYC’s Race Committee held a Race Committee Seminar 101 on May 3.

The club experience an electrical fire that damaged the northeast corner of the building. The building was closed for a period of time. Jim Webb, and Russell Fouts patched the fire-damaged floor in preparation for our new carpet. Special thanks to Members Johann Hudson, Yasir Namdar, Al Stanc, Mike Rummery, Dick Bauman, Jim Lett who helped rebuild the fire damage.Hudson was responsible for the configuration of the new office and the new bar!

Long-time coming, our new exterior JPYC sign. Thanks to Johann for the installation. This sign will also be lit, in the future.

A fleet of kayaks come to JPYC as a part of our offerings to members.

David Ward became a big time winner, Midwestern Open Racing Fleet —Awards and Recognition:

Boat of The Year - 5th Place Unknown Lady 2 David Ward
Performance Series - Section S4 - 8th Place - Unknown Lady 2 - David Ward
Competition Series - Section S4 - 5th Place - Unknown Lady 2 - David Ward
Long Distance Series - Section S4 - 5th Place - Unknown Lady 2 - David Ward
Dominic Marano Regatta - Section S4 - 9th Place - Unknown Lady 2 - David Ward
UK Hasley Sprint Regatta - Section S4 - 4th Place - Unknown Lady 2 - David Ward
Weathermark Tavern Sprint Regatta - Section S4 - 6th Place - Unknown Lady 2 - David Ward
Skyway Yacht Works Sprint Regatta - Section S4 - 5th Place -- Unknown Lady 2 - David Ward
MORF Open Series Fleet - Section S5 - 8th Place - Unknown Lady 2 - David Ward
MORF Open Series Section - Section S5 - 2nd Place - Unknown Lady 2 - David Ward

Captain David Ward of 'Unknown Lady2'
Places 5th Place in Section on the 2015 Chicago to Mackinaw Race

2015... A Chicago Park District youth sailing program comes to Jackson Park yacht Club.



Mise En Place — 5th Place in Section

Thanks to Past Commodore Frank Garner and Popcorn Party Organizer Tess Garner for contributing a new popcorn popper to the club. Since our old
popper broke a year ago, we have been without popcorn for our Saturday night Popcorn Parties. We even went so far as to rename the parties “Saturday Socials,” a name evoking the parties of our grandparents’ day. Now, thanks to Frank and Tess, we can once again call our Saturday night gatherings by their rightful name and enjoy munching on fresh, hot, fragrant popcorn. Thank you Frank and Tess.

The Tri-State of 2010 was different. It was one of the years when Lake Michigan threw a “Perfect Storm” at the race committees, but the leadership, ingenuity, and tenacity of Janet Hansen and the rest of the JPYC race committee salvaged the weekend for 80 crews who sailed in what could be called the Bi State with a Twist. Weather forecasts were so intimidating for Friday night’s crossing that the Coast Guard offered to send out helicopters to follow the boats if they raced. Columbia and St. Joe Yacht Clubs decided to cancel the first leg of the Tri State, not because the sailors couldn’t sail, but because there was no safe place to raft up the boats on the St. Joe side of the lake. Janet Hansen, in rapid consultation with the Michigan City Yacht Club, decided to sponsor a race over to Michigan City that would leave Chicago on Sunday so that racers could return on the scheduled Monday leg of the Regatta. For the JPYC race committee, that decision meant an unprecedented amount of work: skippers in three states had to receive notification of the new races in time to get crew assembled, race committee boats with full crews had to be on site to start and finish Sunday’s extra race, and Monday’s race committees had to be available and on site in two different states.

2011...There was a surge by Mary Avellone to make a true effort to collect yacht club burgees from around the world since the 'Ladies Auxiliary' of 1976 initiated the effort. The burgee exchange tradition honors our communication and experiences with sailors worldwide.

The Chicago Yachting Association in cooperation with US Sailing "Yachting celebrate on Saturday, December 10th at the Chicago Yacht Club - Monroe Station, Chicago Yacht Club. Jack Lyle, Nightwatch, was recognized as Yachtsman of the Year.

2012...JPYC instituted a 'Community Sail' for folks and friends in the community to come out and experience sailing.

The Lutz Regatta & BluesFest 2012 was sponsored in part by Nissan and the WeatherMark

JPYC sponsors its first U.S. Sailing sanctioned "Safety @ Seas" Seminar. This event was overwhelmingly successful.

2013— Conditions in Jackson Park Harbor Jackson Park Harbor dredging was completed on May 14th. At the May member’s meeting Scott Stevenson made a presentation of the progress of the dredging. The project left little to be desired, boaters will had to be satisfied with the results. Most understood the high and low cycles of Lake Michigan, but concerns were how boaters were going to be accommodated based on the rising costs to moor year after year.

Blues Fest-Lutz JPYC was held at Westrec’s 31st Street Harbor, Saturday July 6th. Although, a logistic challenge, the event was executed well. Close to fifteen boats  from JPYC sailed down. With the help of members who contributed their time and vessels, guests were entertained and impressed with the outcome. Members made it an overnight affair on the 'house'.

The Chicago Yacht Club BLINKER – Summer 2013 featured a great article by Commodore Paul Thompson III