The Galley Opens for Brunch and Dinner starting Saturday June 1st.

Weekend Dining Options

Brunch — (One-time serving — Unlimited refills on Coffee and Juice)
Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays during the season from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. $14/Children 9years and under $7.00. Prepared by Mario and Lila Gandarilla of the Terrace Grill, the self-service brunch includes:*Eggs, *Waffles, *Pancakes, *Bacon, *Toast — *All made to order Turkey links, Pork sausage, fiesta potatoes, grits, assorted pastries, cereal — Continental Breakfast $7.00 includes pastry OR fruit and toast, coffee and juice.

Packaged Lunches
On Saturdays and Sundays you can order a packaged lunch to take with you on your sailing adventures. Prepared by Mario and Lila Gandarilla of the Terrace Grill, Lunch Box includes: Ham, turkey, tuna salad, chicken salad on your choice of bread. (Includes chips and pickle OR fruit) $7:00 OR Ala carte Sandwich $5.00

Saturday Dinners — (One-time serving — Unlimited refills on Coffee and Juice)
On Saturdays enjoy dinner at the club from 6:00p.m. to 8:00pm.prepared by Mario and Lila Gandarilla of the Terrace Grill. Dinner menus change weekly, and always include an entree, sides, dessert and coffee for $17. Please inquire about special pricing for events such as the Island Party, Blues Fest, Jazz Fest, Clam Bake, etc.

Soup & Salad Bar and Sandwich Options

Salad and soup bar will be available for brunch and dinner! Have some soup and salad as part of your brunch. Choose the Soup and Salad Option ($10), the Salad Only Option ($6.00) Bowl of Soup Option ($4.00) or Dinner Sandwich Option (which includes a starch or vegetable ($10).

NOTE: Saturday Dinners include: Soup/Salad, an entree, side dishes and dessert

Vegetarian Dinner Option

Want a healthier dinner? Choose the Vegetarian Option – select one starch and two vegetables or two starches and one vegetable – for $10.

Kids’ Dinner Menu

Bringing the kids to dinner? For children 9 and under, select the Kids’ Dinner Menu – choice of hamburger, hot dog, chicken nuggets,
and a starch OR vegetable – for $7.00

Purchasing Additional Pre-Paids

Don’t miss out on a delicious meal. If you run out of Galley pre-paids this year you can buy them directly from Lila. Members may purchase a minimum of 4 coupons for $48; 6 for $72, 8 for $96

Weekday Race Night
Dining Options

Wednesday Nights

Pick one(1) Sandwich: Beef burger (double, 100% beef; Grilled Turkey burger; Grilled chicken sandwich; Grilled veggie burger; Salmon burger, shrimp basket, chicken strips. or blacken backed catfish filet. Choice of condiments for sandwiches; mayo, lettuce, tomato, mustard, ketchup, onions, pickled spear, grilled onions and choice of cheese— American, Swiss, or cheddar. Pick one(1) side dish: bag of chips, garden salad, fries, fruit or corn on the cob. A Wednesday Special Plus will be added. $10.00


Disclaimer. CATERER reserves the right to make substitutions of comparable quality and quantity in the event of product unavailability. Cost to patrons/customers and members shall be $14.00 for brunch and $7.00 for sandwich/chips. $7.00 for children 9 and under. Cost to the patrons/customers and members shall be $17.00 for Saturday Dinner Service. Pre-pays may be used by CLUB members. Ala carte items shall be priced according to same pricing structure as during the 2016 season.


For safety and sanitary reasons, please do not enter the kitchen during Galley hours (Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm and Saturday ev enings from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm) or anytime that the kitchen is in use by Mario and Lila. No exceptions.

If you use the kitchen or dining room you must clean up after yourself.

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JPYC’s galley is open from June through October.

Jackson Park Yacht Club's facilities’ provide premier views of beautiful Jackson Park outer harbor and Lake Michigan. Across from LaRabida Children’s Hospital and Lake Shore Drive, the clubhouse provides a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Free parking is widely available - which makes a visit here easy and convenient.

Breathtaking views of the harbor can be seen from the club's main dining room or seasonal outdoor patio. Members can relax with family or on their own, swapping boating stories or dining leisurely.

Administrative Services
The club's·main office is located on the 2nd Floor of the clubhouse.·

Members are free to use JPYC’s fleet of bikes, including electric bikes, free of charge to explore the lakefront bike trails next to the club. Simply check-out a bike with the Club Coordinator or Steward, sign a liability form and return the bike at your leisure.

Boat Rentals
Love getting on the water but don’t own a boat?· Own a boat but want to take out something different on occasion? Want to race a small one-design keelboat?· Want to take some friends out?· We have several options for hourly and daily rentals for members.

O’Day 25 (Cassiopeia) JPYC’s O’Day 25, Cassiopeia, is a responsive, stable and safe 25-foot boat which is fun to sail single-handed or with friends. Located D dock, Cassiopeia is the core of JPYC’s Adult Keelboat education program and is available for rental by club members.

It has a comfortable self-bailing cockpit with room for 4-6 people for day sailing.

Renters must be JPYC members and demonstrate to staff that they are capable of safely operating the boat. At least one crewmember must be over the age of 18. With JPYC’s busy adult sailing lessons, this boat’s schedule fills up early so be sure to make plans now.

Club Coordinator
JPYC’s Club Coordinator, Ann Dillenback, can provide information on becoming a member. You can also schedule a tour of the club's facilities with Ann.

Club Steward
JPYC’s Club Steward, Daryl Jones, who resides at the Club can provide information about the club and assist you with many tasks.

Dinghy Spaces
There are a number of dinghy spaces available for JPYC member use for a small fee. ·Please see the Club Coordinator or Steward for more information.

The Galley provides a feeling of luxury while overlooking magnificent Jackson Park Harbor.·
Join us for a variety of delicious options are offered by Chef Mario and Lila of Terrace Gril on ·Saturdays and Sundays for brunch and Saturday night dinner.

JPYC has a touch and go dock available to members and visiting yachts.· No cost for those visiting for brunch or dinner. The docks are also available for overnight accommodations to members and visiting yachtsmen. Contact Westrec at 312-742-8520 or for details and availability.

Kayaks and Standup Paddle Boards
Members are free to use JPYC’s fleet of kayaks and standup paddleboards to explore Jackson Park outer and inner harbors. Simply check-out a bike with the Club Coordinator or Steward, sign a liability form and return the kayak and/or stand up paddle board prior to dusk. Use is limited to the Jackson Park harbor during daylight hours when there is not a small craft advisory.

JPYC members may rent full and half size lockers in the men’s and women’s locker rooms. These spacious lockers make it easy to enjoy the club on a regular basis without the hassle of transporting gear every time.

Mast Stepping and Mast Storage
JPYC offers mast stepping and mast storage for members at a discounted rate and for others at regular rates.

Member Services
The club office provides information about current activities at JPYC. In addition the office, the Ships’ Shop features official club gear and custom made clothing with JPYC logos available for purchase.

Visiting yachtsmen should check in at the Office to receive their credentials for club usage.

JPYC’s men’s and women’s locker rooms have excellent free shower facilities for its members.

Yacht Racing
JPYC hosts weekly, as well as, major yacht racing. Weekly Beer Can Racing is featured every Wednesday during the sailing season. JPYC is the venue for the Lutz Regetta, the JPYC Regatta and Air & Water Show Fun Regatta and the Fall Closer. Check the racing calendar for more details.

Standby for updates.