CASRA, Chicago Area Sail Racing Association, is a newly created organization, comprised of a group of five yacht clubs, that will serve the interests of boat owners’, racers’ and yacht clubs’, with a focus on the Chicago waterfront, to collaboratively coordinate and grow sail yacht racing. Some key words worthy calling out here are collaboration, growth, and a Chicago focus.

Participating clubs: Burnham Park Yacht Club, Chicago Yacht Club, Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club, Columbia Yacht Club, and Jackson Park Yacht Club.

Broadly speaking, the purpose of CASRA is to respond to the needs and desires of yacht clubs, boat owners, and racers. More specifically CASRA will coordinate sail racing activities of the yacht clubs in the City of Chicago, to promote growth of the sport and foster sail yacht racing, again, in the Chicagoland area. As to goals & objectives, the immediate tasks at hand include securing input from sail yacht racing owners and crew so that the yacht clubs can develop the 2017 race schedule with that input. CASRA seeks direct input from all constituencies and will employ a few different mediums, to be announced shortly. Longer term CASRA has thoughts on elevating sail yacht racing to an even higher caliber than exists currently with additional events for the entire boating community in Chicago.

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CASRA — Chicago Area Sailing Racing Association

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