JPYC Club History 1896 - 1971 (cont'd)

The ladies auxiliary, with Dorothy Godwin as Chairman, enjoyed another good year. In addition to their spring luncheon at the Beverly House, they held a White Elephant Sale at the Club House, with Gert Smith as Chairman.

The Hayes Trophy was refinished and renamed the Hayes _Directors Trophy, presentation to be made each year to the Jackson Park member contributing most to yachting and to the Club during that year. Past Commodore Adrian Walker was the first member honored, at the Annual Winners' Dinner in December.

The year 1969 opened with Commodore Rowley requesting, and the members voting, a dues increase to $100 after receiving a factual, comprehensive report of operating expenses from George Hillstrom and his committee. A budget of $20,400 was approved. The boating season opened on a bright, warm Memorial Day with a good turnout of members participating in sailing and shore activities. Carol Rice, blowing the trumpet during the flag raising ceremony, particularly, reminded club members of the recent loss of her father, Past Commodore Jack Rice, as well as several others who had contributed much to the Club. The remainder of the debt on the committee boat was retired, and the budget was kept in balance. A powerboat cruise to Great Lakes Naval Training Station was a great success, and the club was honored by a return courtesy visit by Navy Captain and Mrs. Dartin. John McInnis and Emory Soderberg were made honorary members. Bob Godwin was selected to be Jackson Park's power boater of the year. Spring and fall harbor sailing was active and the old charter for the Penguin Fleet was reactivated. Barney Davis' activities resulted in the use of credit cards for members' fuel purchases. Ed Keeley and Bob Fox participated in Venetian Night. Jerry Clair won the Hayes _Directors Trophy as Yachtsman of the Year for his activities as Fleet Captain, and particularly, for promoting and executing the program of boat rides for LaRabida children. The Ladies Auxiliary elected Mary Tengblad chairman. Their major project was to redecorate the second floor and the newly completed game area.

Bernard T. Davis was elected Commodore for 1970. A Valentine Party started the social season. Mary Tengblad was again chosen chairman of the Ladies Auxiliary, which held their annual luncheon at the Club House in order to see the Club's new decorations, executed by Lorrie Lennon and her committee. Aldor Holmstrom resigned as Steward. Carl Julstrom succeeded Guy Jones as editor of the Fog Horn. Memorial Day ceremonies were capably managed by Fleet Captain Bill Kaup. The Commodore recommissioned the Committee boat as "John F. Rice" and Lucile Rice christened it. The Sail Yacht Owner's Association elected Bob Shogren president, and prepared a schedule of closed_club races. Emil DeHaan was elected president of the Power _Yacht Owner Is Association. A new and updated membership application form was adopted. A new member, Dr. I. M. Demovsky, returned the Hornsby Trophy to the Club, with Past Commodore Les Rickard finishing second. Dr. Shayken's "Della Sue II" decorated in an Hawaiian motif, and Tom Dempsey's Chinese Junk represented the Club in the Mayor's Venetian Night parade. Guy Jones received the Hayes_Directors Trophy as J. P. Y. C. Yachtsman of the Year, for his services to the Club and the honor he brought them as Commodore of LMYA. The Bennett Bowl Trophy is still in competition after 66 years. A review of the Ladies Auxiliary's financial activity revealed that, over the last 10 year period, they have contributed more than $1,850 to physical improvements in the Club House.

Bernard T. Davis served a second term as Commodore during the Club's 75th Year, 1971. This anniversary was given considerable publicity, culminating in an October dinner. The membership numbered 151, with 29 power yachts, 46 sail yachts, and 17 Star boats. The lake water level continued high and caused considerable damage to the dock and floats. In the absence of a chef, Marie Mitchell again kept the galley in operation for the entire summer, helping the Club over a difficult period. The Club revised its ByLaws and brought them into accord with Federal laws, so ladies finally became eligible to be members, other than Flag. For the first time, race results were sent ashore by radio and put through a computer so corrected times were ready at dockside. Southern Shore regained the Hornsby Trophy with a zero error contest. Jones_DeHaan's "Jo_De III," and Ted Lealm's "Windsong," which won a third, represented us in the Venetian Night Parade. The Club installed an automatic fire and people penetration system, because there was no Steward living in the Club House during the winter. Nita Neumeister led the Ladies Auxiliary in a highly successful year, and Fred Rowley received the Hayes_Directors Trophy at the Winners' Dinner.

Club membership ceased being a male bastion in 1971 when women became eligible to be full members.

Until 1965 women's involvement in the club was as a 'Ladies Committee'. A 'Ladies Auxiliary' was established in 1965 and functioned as such until 1983 when the 'Ladies Auxiliary' was disbanded to once again, become the 'Ladie's Committee'. In 1970 women were finally invited to attend regular meetings and have memberships. Until then, the Women's (Ladies Auxiliary/Committee) meetings were held separately by in concurrently in the clubhouse.

As both a committee and an auxiliary the industrious women of the Club raised money via various sales, sponsored pot-luck dinners, and contributed generously to the purchase of equipment and furnishings for the Club. In 1976 the Auxiliary began a collection of burgees from yacht clubs worldwide for display on the dining room walls. A new color TV and VCR were purchased in 1988 with funds donated from the balance of the disbanded Auxiliary checking account and from proceeds from aluminum can recycling, a project begun by Gloria Fallon.

The social activities of the Club have been the catalyst for the ever increasing camaraderie of the membership Thanks to the enthusiasm, creativity, and hard work of the entertainment committees and all the willing workers the social program has been fun-filled and calorie-loaded.

Some events of past years such as the Children's Christmas Party, the Palm Sunday Brunch, and the New Year's Eve Party were discontinued in the early 1970s.

The JPYC Star Fleet hosted a cocktail party and buffet at the Shedd Aquarium for the participants in the World Star Championship Races in 1975.


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